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If you have a prayer request or praise report that would fit under the seven spheres below, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  Prayers regarding health issues and other personal requests are best handled within your own body of believers.

Church Praise/Prayer

Praise and Prayer for the Beautiful Day event to be held on Saturday, April 21, 2018. This is a community event supported by Sequim Community Church, Dungeness Community Church, Calvary Chapel, Congregation of YeHoVah, and Olympic Bible Fellowship. Pray that more churches in our community will join in making this service day a success. Pray many volunteers will come forward to do a good work.

Pray for the continued success of Child Evangelism Fellowship. Every child, every nation, every day.

Pray for Good News Clubs in Quilcene and at Franklin Elementary in Port Angeles.  Pray for more clubs, teachers and helpers.  Pray for the committee members—for wisdom and direction.  Pray for a new director for the Olympic Peninsula Chapter.

Pray for the pastors that meet on the first and third Thursday of every month–for more pastors to join the group and that God/Yah will put the desire to pray with fellow brothers in the heart of every pastor on the Olympic Peninsula.

Pray for the pastors, teachers and leaders of churches in the community. May they have boldness and discernment as they go about their work and lead those under them to grow in the truth of the Bible and as disciples of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah. May they work together to grow our faith as a community of believers of Jesus/Yeshua in Clallam County.

Pray for Olympic Peninsula Men’s Fellowship Conference to be held February 2-3. Pray that the conference will be well attended and will provide inspiration to many. The theme this year is “Psalms for Men”.  The guest speaker, Dr. D.A. Carson, is a research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

Pray for Olympic Peninsula Women’s Fellowship Inspirational Weekend on February 23 and 24. The title of the event is The Clothesline Conference, Untangled and Renewed, presented by guest speaker Michelle Pillar.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work leading up to the weekend and that all the women who participate.

Prayer is needed that God will open doors for more corporate and multi-church prayer events in our community. Pray for a National Day of Prayer event that is being planned for May 3.

Pray for more awareness and growth for the 1st Wednesday-of-the-month prayer meetings at Sequim Bible Church.

Praise the Father and pray He will be glorified through all efforts to share the Gospel of the Kingdom.


Family Praise/Prayer

Pray for the growing number of homeless in our county. The fastest growing demographic group of homeless are women over the age of 60, followed by our youth. Pray that shelters will be available when needed and that the homeless will find help when they seek cover and food. Pray agencies in our communities will be financially able to help all homeless.

Pray for the Dungeness Valley Lutheran Church Homeless Project (DVLCHP). Pray people and services will come forward to support the church’s effort to eliminate the housing shortage in our county. Pray for complete funding for projects and for partners in the community to come together to build and sustain shelters for needy families in our area.

Pray for Service Fest 2018. This is a community event, led by Habitat for Humanity, First Federal and the City of Sequim. Pray there will be an abundance of community volunteers that step forward with the needed skills and funds to make this endeavor a success. Pray the venture will bring glory to God and He will make it a success.  

Pray for moms and dads across the peninsula to lead their families with wisdom and the love of our Father. Pray for children to respect and honor their parents.

Praise God for the MOPS program at Fairview Bible Church (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). MOPS meet the first and third Thursday of each month during the school year. Their goal is to meet each mom’s needs to the glory of Jesus Christ. Pray that this group continues to grow, and the Father is glorified.

Pray for the Youth at Risk Program, a tool which supports families and helps keep families together. Pray all those involved with At-Risk Youth participants including parents, coordinators, and service providers will find ways to address family issues.

Continue to pray for those involved with legal troubles and their victims. Pray for those incarcerated in our jails.

Pray for your neighbors and neighborhoods. Pray when you “Walk Your Block” and be a light to reflect Christ’s love. Focus prayer for God’s blessing on specific neighbors and coworkers.

Pray for the “Stepping Up” Bible Study at Dungeness Community Church. This is a 10-week study that started in January encouraging and challenging men to look at Biblical manhood.

Pray for the children’s ministries in our churches.  Pray for children and families to be reached so they can hear about Jesus and grow in their faith.

Pray for those living in assisted living homes, Alzheimer’s facilities, and other care facilities.  Pray for the workers—for patience, grace and love.  Pray for the residents—for comfort, provision and joy.  Pray for people to visit the homes and spend time with the residents.

Pray that all believers in Christ will seek God’s truth and the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Jude 1:3 Pray that people of God come together in unity to walk in the kingdom, to walk as He walked on this earth. 1John 2:6


Government/Military/Community Praise and Prayer

Give thanks for those that serve to protect our community, country and way of life. Pray for the families of those actively serving and of our fallen heroes.

Pray for the Family Policy Institute of Washington.  FPIW is linked to a growing coalition of allied partners.

Pray that Senate Bill 6037 will not pass and become the law of the land. Pray that every registered voter in our county will contact their state representative and encourage them to vote against 6037. This Bill is about contract surrogacy. Pray that God will move on the hearts of the voters, legislators and sponsors of this bill to reconsider and reverse this legislation.

Pray the Father will give wisdom and guidance to our elected officials in all their decision making. Pray they will be moved to protect our citizens and families by their actions and that they would desire His righteousness.

Praise the Lord for those in government who know Christ. Pray for all others to find Christ. May the believers be a model and inspiration to those around them. May they be protected from temptations that come with the power of their positions. May they seek God’s guidance daily in all things. May they be filled with the fruit of the Spirit and reflect this in all their actions.

Pray for the protection of our law enforcement officers, fire fighters and elected officials.

Praise God/Yah that Clallam County is financially responsible and debt free. Pray this will continue.


Education Praise and Prayer

Praise and prayers for Hillcrest Baptist Church and Crossings Church for hosting Mosaic (school) event, Night to Shine. The prom takes place on Friday, February 9, 2018. Praise God for all involved in this education alliance and for their endeavors. Pray for the nonprofit group as they work to enrich, encourage and empower people with developmental disabilities.

Pray for Advocacy Day 2018 in Olympia. This is the 37th Annual Statewide Disability Legislative Reception to be held on January 17. Pray that volunteers will come forward to assist Clallam Mosaic with transportation to the event. Pray for a charter bus and driver and adult volunteers to partner one-on-one with clients during the day of travel to Olympia.

Pray for the safety of our school campuses and for children to feel safe while attending school and during all school activities.

Pray that God/Yah will give students a desire and hunger for education and the ability to learn.

Pray for the Board of Directors of the Sequim School District that God will move in their hearts when making decisions for the youth and let their decisions be righteous in His eyes.

Pray the new Sequim School Board members will join veteran board members in making godly decisions for our students.

Pray for more volunteers to help at the schools.

Pray Good News Clubs will be welcomed in all schools and supporters, teachers and students will be blessed.

Praise and prayer for more prayer walkers that support our schools. We walk the perimeter of Sequim schools and pray for the students and faculty. Please pray that more volunteer prayer warriors will join forces for fellowship and some healthy exercise. Please contact Eileen at for more information.


Business Praise and Prayer

Pray for all new businesses in our communities. Pray that each would prosper to improve the economy of our county. Pray the Father will give owners wisdom and guidance to be successful.

Continue to give praise and prayer for Christina and Charles Norman and Drive-Thru Prayer at Sequim’s Drive-Thru Fudge stand. Praise God for the connections they have made and the people they have helped. Pray people will continue to seek encouragement through prayer from this godly business.

Praise and prayer for Women Encouraging Business (WEB) with chapters in Sequim and Port Angeles. The mission of the group is to support local businesses (usually restaurants) financially (by purchasing lunch) and with prayer. If you are interested in joining the Sequim chapter or having he group come and pray for your business, please e-mail for details.


Healthcare Praise and Prayer

Please pray that the people of our communities will be inspired to safeguard their health. Pray that everyone will have the ability to understand that we must care for our temples by filling ourselves with food that nourishes our bodies and that we must keep our temples fit. 1Cor 6:19 Or do you not know that your body is a sanctuary of the holy spirit that is in you, which you have from Elohim, and you are not your own?

Pray the Lord will break the chains of addiction of all drug use in Clallam County and across our nation. Substance abuse is a major health problem in our community. Opioid-related hospitalization and death rates in Clallam County are statistically higher than the state average.

Pray for My Choices–the management, volunteers and clients. Pray for young mothers to make sound decisions for their unborn babies.

Pray for the health of all newborn babies and for their parents, that they will look to Him for guidance in raising a healthy, godly family, that they will look to Him for all things.


Arts and Media Praise and Prayer

Praise God for United Front. This group of young men and women help gather Christians together to worship. Their music is uplifting with everyone singing and praising our Father. We pray for more community events, bringing churches and neighbors together to worship the Almighty God.

Pray for the First Friday Art Walk. Every month they bring our community together.




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