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Hedge of Protection Prayerwalkers For our School Community

            The Hedge of Protection Prayerwalkers is comprised of followers of Jesus Christ who have committed to pray for our local school community.  Our goal is to have prayerwalkers once a day, Monday through Friday during the school year; covering the school areas from Sequim High School, Sequim Middle School, Helen Haller Elementary School and Boys & Girls Club, Head Start and Olympic Peninsula Academy.  We walk from the soccer field at the high school on West Hendrickson to 5th Ave., to West Fir and complete the last leg on Sequim Ave.  You can walk in which ever order works best for your team.

  • Hedge of Protection – See Psalm 91
  • Prayerwalker – God is stirring our hearts to take our prayers outside our churches.  As followers of Jesus Christ as we put feet to our prayers, we’re praying for God size answers to bring hope through our Lord for our school communities.  “Prayerwalking” is on-site intercession.  Simply put, it’s praying in the very places that we expect God to bring His answers.  The prayers are intercessory rather than devotional. Prayerwalking is not so much about walking or being outside; it’s being closer to those for whom we pray.
  • You can prayerwalk alone, but we have found that often prayerwalkers are more focused when praying with another believer praying as they walk; praying audibly, additionally see Matthew 18:20.
  • The goal is to have prayerwalkers Monday through Friday during the school year, praying once a day.  It takes an average of 30 minutes to walk the perimeters of the schools noted above.  If you are interested in participating, try to find at least one other person that would be available to walk with you – you can set the time that works best for your team.  If you are unable to make it one day, please be sure and contact your team member.  Especially in unsafe weather, perhaps you can arrange to pray at home at the same time your team member is praying.
  • We have Prayer cards “Power-Packed Prayers for Public Schools”, these prayers include scripture.
  • We’d like to encourage you to wear the color red (shirt, jacket, hat, scarf, etc.) to represent the blood of Jesus that was shed for each of us and every person we are covering in our prayers.
  • We currently have a team of prayerwalkers on Monday mornings.  If you are led to be part of this ministry and would like additional information and/or advise what day your team will be available, please contact Eileen Damian at or 683-8887.
  • We would love to be able to expand this ministry to include Grey Wolf Elementary and the schools in Port Angeles.  As we prayerwalk we do pray for these schools as well as the Christian schools in the area.

Hans Bailey
Pastor, Calvary Chapel Sequim

(Note from – If you’d like to sign on as a Praywalker, please contact us, and let us know, so we can post it to the calendar.  Thank you!)

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